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11 most prominent mistakes while constructing a loft conversion in Leeds


It happens people try to convert their space into a useful loft conversion in Leeds however, with their less knowledge and hollow ideas, they end up in making a disastrous recipe that will cost them high. You should not neglect the basics to save your little money. There are specific factors which one should keep in mind to avoid major mistakes. The Loft attics have countless benefits and advantages if it is done correctly. Let the blog show you the compilation of the 11 most significant errors while constructing a loft conversion. Before reading the errors have a look at the careful considerations you need to make a proper loft conversion.

Careful considerations needed to make a loft conversion

It has no sense if you are investing in a plan that will no longer benefit you in your future. Assess and evaluate the feasibility of your loft conversion in Leeds first with the help of an expert. If the plan is well established, then you can get anything you want. Starting from high room with fantastic scenery to the extra bedroom you are in need of. It can fulfil all your desires. Therefore, try not to make any mistake while planning and constructing a loft conversion.

Hire a professional loft specialist

Constructing a loft conversion is specifically a professional’s task. No ordinary man can design and build a perfect loft conversion on their own. So the project of loft room should always be undertaken by an expert for better and desired results. If you will hire an everyday builder instead of the expert, then it would create trouble for you in the future. So it is highly recommended to hire a professional and do not commit the mistake of skipping the expert for the sake of little money.

Hire a contractor

A contractor is one who can turn your ideas into reality. Typically, a contractor takes 7-8 weeks to get along with the design. He will take the complete responsibility for the construction of the loft. You do not have to worry about the construction duties on the site. All you need to do is to share your ideas with the contractor. Explain him all the requirements. Now it is the headache of the contractor to turn your ideas into the workable design of a loft conversion.

Poor design mistakes

A poor design will make your house extension a disastrous. It is not always the fault of the homeowner. The homeowner tells his needs and requirements to the expert. The expert then gives suggestions and recommendations. These tips are very constructive for the owner if he takes them seriously. You should try to use the space and natural light to its full. Although space and light are not always potentially used in the loft designs.

Wrong positioning of the staircase

The incorrect position of your new staircase has a direct impact on the display and design of the loft conversion in Leeds. Its location is crucial. You must construct such staircases which makes your property a balanced one. It must provide a smooth equilibrium to the premises. It should not cover the space of the house. Instead, it is often seen that the stairs are just encroaching the bedrooms. It only helps in making the dead space that could be used in better terms if utilised skillfully.

Consider the Party wall Act:

When you are constructing a loft conversion as your home extension in Leeds, do not forget to fulfil the stipulation of the Party Wall Act. According to this Act before building the attic, you are required to inform your neighbours about the construction. You must tell them about the home extension so that they could not make any dispute regarding it.  Otherwise, they can raise issues and then you have to arrange a counsel as well for handling the legal aspects ending up in paying heavy fines as a penalty. So it is better to avoid such essential things while accomplishing your extension.

Failure to install heating system

The heating system of your home can easily be connected to the heating of the attic room. It can efficiently maximise the heating capacity of your home. However, your heating system will probably need some extra upgrading to work along the building house extension. Otherwise, your heating system will not heat the radiators properly. The pressure of the water into the en-suite shower can be lower due to no service and upgrade the system. It will also keep draining the heat from your radiators failing to heat up the house.

No planning permission

People living in Leeds love to have such house additions due to various reason. One of them is the lower loft conversion cost which ends up increasing the value of your premises. But before you go for an attic conversion, do not forget to adhere building regulations. Always take the planning permission from the authorities. Typically, the loft conversions are classified as the permitted development for which you do not need to have the planning permission. But it’s better to have it to get through of the unnecessary trouble.

Inadequate soundproofing

You can create a peaceful space in your house. There comes a time when you need to build a private room where you can find complete peace and quiet surrounding to have peace of mind. To get such space in your house, you need to have sufficient soundproofing in the attic. If the noise in your new loft will get in and out, it will take the bliss of the new room. So make an adequate soundproofing loft for your home for long-lasting advantages. Do not forget to consider the attic conversion cost. For it should also be cost effective.

 No Storage space

Most of us use the empty spaces of our houses as storage rooms and put all the clutter and unwanted stuff in it. However, when we opt a loft conversion for our premises instead of that free space, we forget to make an area to put the extra stuff which we have cleaned out from the attic. Design your new loft by using all the space in such a way that you can create more space to keep the clutter in it as well. You can quickly do it by a sophisticated idea. It will be very beneficial for you. You do not need to throw away your precious old stuff out of your house.

Wrong design of the loft

When you are going to construct an attic, you have very little space which you have to use and make the best out of it. It is a way to get the best results the layout of your loft conversion is very crucial and significant. Due to the little space of your attic, you cannot utilise the area much. But still, you should need to consider such a layout that is fulfilling all your needs such as storage space, peaceful atmosphere, the potential use of the light and breeze, accessible plug sockets, ending up using the roof and wall space to its full.

Wrong Expenditure analysis

A loft conversion is a massive investment. Like every other investment, you would like to increase the gains as much as possible. It could only happen if you get succeeded in reducing the cost of building the extension. If you have a light budget, then this approach is very beneficial for you. It would be an ideal approach for you. Do not make it the deciding factor in your attic planning. Always keep in mind that the rice you are utilising to create a loft will increase the value of your premises in the future. So there is nothing about to panic. Also, take care of the unforeseen expenditures or expenses on the construction. The budget will get higher if you commit all the above-mentioned mistakes. Therefore, go for the Home renovations in Leeds in the form of constructing new loft attics without panicking about the expenses and expenditures because in the end, you will get the best results and gains.

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